6K New Crypto ATMs in 2022, 3x Less than 2021

After their explosive growth in 2020 and 2021, the number of new crypto ATMs or Bitcoin ATMs significantly dropped this year. According to data presented by Crypto Presales, around 6,100 new crypto ATMs have been installed in eleven months of 2021, nearly three times less than in the same period a year ago.

September Saw First-Ever Drop in ATMs

Although the number of crypto ATMs has been surging for the last four years, 2021 was undoubtedly a record year.

According to CryptoToday data, in 2018, more than 2,000 new BTMs had been installed worldwide, with their total number reaching almost 3,200 that year. By the end of 2019, this number jumped to over 6,000 and continued growing.

Statistics show that 2020 saw 7,700 ATMs, almost three times more than the year before. However, the figures exploded in 2021. In eleven months of the year, more than 16,600 BTMs had been installed worldwide. By the end of 2021, the number of newly installed ATMs supporting digital coins jumped to 20,300, with their total number rising to 32,600.

By mid-2022, there were around 37,800 crypto ATMs worldwide. The number continued rising and hit over 38,800 in August. However, in September, the number of BTMs dropped for the first time, with the total number of machines slipping to 38,400.

Statistics show there were nearly 39,000 crypto ATMs as of last week, up from 30,700 in November last year.

The US Has 22x more Crypto ATMs than Europe

The United States has the highest number of crypto ATMs, with significantly more machines found here than elsewhere in the world. In fact, 87% of all BTMs are placed in the US. According to CoinATMRadar data, US citizens could use over 34,000 ATMs. As of last week, up from 26,600 in November last year.

Statistics also show the United States has 22 times more crypto ATMs than Europe. Which counts close to 1,500 these machines as of last week.

With a 33% market share and over 12,000 machines as of November, BitAcces represents the largest crypto ATM manufacturer globally. General Bytes ranked second with a 23% market share and around 9,000 BTMs. Genesis Coin and Bitstop follow with a 22% and 5% market share, respectively.

Also, the Coin ATM Radar data showed that 82% of all installed crypto ATMs. It supports Altcoins, 80% Litecoin, 73% Ethereum, and 39% Dogecoin.

By Jeff Reed

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