Argentina’s Crypto Awareness Reaches 75% Despite Volatility

Argentina’s crypto awareness has surged to 75%, according to a recent study conducted by Bitso, a prominent crypto trading platform in the LATAM region. However, despite this high level of awareness, many Argentinians remain skeptical due to concerns about token volatility. This article delves into the study’s findings, highlighting the extent of crypto knowledge, adoption rates, and the impact of mistrust in the sector.

Increasing Awareness of Cryptocurrencies

Bitso’s study encompassed 1,243 participants from Buenos Aires and all 23 provinces of Argentina. The results revealed that approximately 15% of respondents had no knowledge about cryptocurrencies. On the other hand, more than a third (34%) had heard about crypto, with 45% expressing familiarity with cryptocurrencies. Notably, the age group with the highest crypto awareness was individuals between 16 and 29 years old, with 90% demonstrating knowledge or trading experience.

Mistrust Hinders Adoption

Despite the growing awareness, the study indicated a significant level of mistrust among the participants. Approximately 53% expressed little to no confidence in cryptocurrencies, while merely 8.5% displayed high levels of confidence in the future of crypto. Researchers attributed these low levels of confidence to the volatility of cryptoassets and the lingering effects of the previous crypto winter.

Inflation and Alternatives

Argentina has been grappling with persistent inflation, prompting discussions about alternative currencies. While some have advocated adopting the US dollar to combat inflation, others have suggested embracing Bitcoin (BTC) instead. The study conducted by Consenys and YouGov found that over 90% of Argentines are aware of cryptoassets, with a third of respondents having either held tokens or engaged in trading.

Regulatory Measures and Future Outlook

As crypto adoption continues to rise in Argentina, regulators are intensifying their efforts to introduce stricter regulations. These measures aim to ensure investor protection and mitigate the risks associated with the crypto sector. By fostering a safer environment, authorities seek to alleviate concerns and encourage greater participation in the cryptocurrency market.


Argentina’s crypto awareness has reached an impressive 75%, with a significant proportion of the population being knowledgeable about cryptocurrencies. However, mistrust stemming from volatility remains a key obstacle to widespread adoption. The findings suggest that further education and regulatory clarity are essential for instilling confidence. Also, promotes the long-term growth of the crypto industry in Argentina.

By Ryan

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