Binance Lifts Russian Restrictions + Allows Loca Card Deposits

As the cryptocurrency landscape continues to evolve, Binance is the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange. It has made a significant move by lifting restrictions on Russian citizens and residents. This move comes over a year after Binance had imposed limitations on deposits from Visa and Mastercard cards. They issued in Russia and any Visa and Mastercard deposits made from Russia, following the European Union’s sanctions on Russia in response to its attack on Ukraine.

Binance Lifts Restrictions for Russian Users: Navigating Evolving Cryptocurrency Landscape

Russia can now deposit Russian rubles, euros, British pounds, and other currencies from bank cards issued in Russia. This news comes on the heels of recent reports in April that Binance had also lifted limits for accounts with balances larger than 10,000 euros for users in Russia. It’s though the exchange has not officially released a statement on these changes.

Last year’s ban on Russian bank cards was a result of the EU and the U.S. imposing sanctions on Russia. Which led to most Russian banks being cut off from the international interbank settlement network SWIFT. The EU subsequently broadened its sanctions, prohibiting crypto services from serving Russian users with account balances over 10,000 euros. Later eliminating that threshold, making it impossible for Russian citizens and residents to use any crypto service registered in the EU. This move affected popular crypto services like LocalBitcoins,, and Which notified Russian users that their accounts would soon be discontinued.

Implications of Binance’s Move

Binance’s decision to lift restrictions on Russian users is significant. As it signals a shift in the landscape of cryptocurrency regulations and sanctions. While the sanctions against Russia are still in place, Binance’s move to allow deposits from local bank cards shows a willingness to adapt. Also, caters to the needs of its users in different regions. Binance’s spokesperson, when contacted by CoinDesk, did not explicitly confirm or deny the lifting of restrictions. But mentioned that “All current restrictions related to sanctions against Russian nationals are applied by the platform and its legal entities in the European Union in full.”

It’s worth noting that Binance had previously announced a 10,000-euro limit for users in Russia, citing the EU’s restrictive measures against Russia as the reason for the limitations. However, media reports suggest that this restriction no longer exists on Binance, indicating that the exchange is actively navigating the complex landscape of global sanctions and regulations.

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao had previously stated at the Web Summit in Lisbon, Portugal. Binance abides by the sanctions but some of its legal entities outside of the EU might still be able to serve Russians. He emphasized that Binance is “against dictatorships of war” and “not against the population.” This reflects Binance’s commitment to providing access to cryptocurrencies while adhering to global regulations and sanctions.

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