Bitcoin Laundering Duo Plead Guilty to $4.5B Cyber-Heist

In a shocking Bitcoin heist crypto-crime case, Heather Morgan and Ilya Lichtenstein have pleaded guilty to attempting to launder $4.5bn of Bitcoin, which was stolen in a hack back in 2016. Their elaborate scheme involved creating a rapper and tech entrepreneur persona for Morgan, known as Razzlekhan, while Lichtenstein admitted to orchestrating the hack.

Razzle’s Rap & Bitcoin Heist

Heather Morgan, under the pseudonym Razzlekhan, posted numerous rap music videos filled with expletives and portrayed herself as a “bad-ass money maker” and the “crocodile of Wall Street.” Meanwhile, she and her husband were attempting to cash out the stolen Bitcoins taken from Bitfinex, a crypto firm.

Sophisticated Money Laundering Techniques

The duo employed sophisticated techniques to launder their stolen Bitcoin, including splitting the funds into tiny amounts and transferring them to thousands of different crypto wallets using fake identities. They also mixed their illicit funds with other criminal cryptocurrencies on the darknet marketplace Alphabay and even purchased gold coins. To create the illusion of legitimacy, they set up shell companies to conceal the origin of the Bitcoin funds.

Unraveling the Scheme

The successful police operation utilized advanced tools to analyze transactions on Bitcoin’s public blockchain ledger. One crucial mistake that led to their downfall was using Walmart gift cards paid for with the stolen funds. This connection allowed the police to initiate a more in-depth investigation, ultimately leading to their arrest.

The Raid and Recovery

When police raided the couple’s Manhattan apartment, they discovered hollowed-out books used to conceal mobile phones, burner handsets, USB sticks, and $40,000 in cash. The authorities managed to decrypt a spreadsheet detailing the couple’s intricate laundering methods. It is enabling them to recover nearly the full amount of stolen Bitcoin.

Escape Plans Foiled

Investigations revealed that Morgan and Lichtenstein were planning to flee to Russia, Lichtenstein’s country of birth, with their ill-gotten fortune. Fortunately, their plans were thwarted, and they now face significant prison sentences.


The case of Heather Morgan and Ilya Lichtenstein serves as a cautionary tale of the lengths of cybercriminals. They will go to launder stolen cryptocurrencies. Despite their elaborate efforts, justice prevailed, and law enforcement’s advanced tools led to the recovery of the stolen Bitcoins. This case highlights the importance of maintaining the integrity and transparency of crypto transactions to combat such cyber-crimes effectively.

By Ryan

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