Coinbase Launches New “Base” Blockchain

Coinbase, the prominent U.S. cryptocurrency exchange, is on the brink of unveiling its latest venture, the Base blockchain. This groundbreaking move has caught the attention of the crypto community, as the company aims to transcend its established status and dive into uncharted waters. In an exclusive interview, Jesse Pollak, the driving force behind the project, shared insights into this pioneering step.

A Novel Approach to Revenue Generation

One intriguing aspect of Coinbase’s strategy is its focus on decentralized applications, or “dapps,” built on top of the Base blockchain. Rather than depending solely on the blockchain itself, Coinbase envisions a future where the revenue surge emanates from these innovative dapps.

Engagement with the Ethereum Ecosystem

Coinbase’s involvement in discussions surrounding future enhancements for the Ethereum blockchain. It underscores the company’s commitment to fostering growth and innovation in the wider crypto landscape. This collaborative approach underscores Coinbase’s dedication to pushing boundaries.

A Gateway for Novices

A fundamental goal of Coinbase is to serve as a “trusted interface, curated experiences” for individuals who have not extensively interacted with blockchains before. This mission resonates with Coinbase’s ethos of making crypto more accessible and user-friendly. It is expanding its appeal beyond the realm of experienced traders.

Countdown to Launch

As the launch of Base looms on the horizon, Coinbase is poised to introduce its novel “layer 2” blockchain, constructed atop the Ethereum foundation. The unveiling is scheduled for Wednesday around noon ET, heralding a potential shift in the industry’s landscape.

Surging Pre-Debut Interest

Remarkably, even before its official debut, the Base network garnered significant attention. Dune, a crypto analysis firm, reported a staggering $133 million locked into apps and protocols on the Base network. This substantial figure propelled Base to the fifth position in the realm of layer-2 blockchains.

An Unprecedented Leap

Jesse Pollak, the mastermind behind Base and Coinbase’s head of protocols, discussed this uncharted territory in an exclusive conversation with CoinDesk. A remarkable aspect emphasized was the absence of a “playbook” for a publicly traded company to launch its own blockchain. This novel endeavor presents both challenges and unique opportunities.

Looking Ahead

Coinbase’s aspirations with the Base blockchain stem from its vision of evolving the crypto economy. The initiative embodies the desire to expand beyond mere speculation and trading, envisioning a future. Where crypto integration seamlessly enhances daily life for billions worldwide.

The Revenue Landscape

When queried about revenue prospects, Pollak accentuated that the real revenue potential lies within the myriad applications that Base will host. The focus on utility, accessibility, and innovation suggests that Coinbase anticipates deriving income from facilitating user-friendly interactions rather than the operation of the blockchain itself.

In the dynamic world of cryptocurrencies, Coinbase’s bold foray into launching its own blockchain paves the way for uncharted possibilities. By concentrating on accessible interfaces, fostering collaboration, and placing utility at the forefront. Coinbase is shaping the future of crypto for novices and enthusiasts alike. As the Base blockchain emerges, the crypto landscape stands on the brink of a new era.

By Ryan

Ryan is an author at CryptoPresales, With his expertise in the crypto industry, Ryan shares his insights on various aspects of the blockchain ecosystem, including token sales, decentralized finance, and emerging trends.