FTX Announces Plan to Relaunch Offshore Crypto Exchange for International Users

FTX, the defunct crypto exchange, has unveiled a proposed reorganization plan that could mark its potential comeback. The plan aims to organize creditors into different classes, providing an opportunity for a specific group of claimants to revive the exchange with the backing of third-party investors. However, this plan comes with a catch, as FTT token holders will not receive any compensation. FTX announces the exciting relaunch of its offshore crypto exchange, catering to international users. Explore the enhanced features and services.

Reorganization Plan and Claimants’ Classification

The bankruptcy administrators have presented a detailed filing that categorizes claimants into distinct groups. These groups include claimants of FTX.com’s offshore exchange (referred to as “dotcom customers”), customers of the U.S. exchange (“U.S. customers”), customers of the NFT exchange, general unsecured claims, secured claims, and subordinated claims. Among the general claims are those from Alameda’s lenders or trading partners.  Subordinated claims comprise taxes and fines from penalties. The priority and payout of each class will be determined based on negotiations with stakeholders, following a “waterfall priorities” approach.

Opportunity for Dotcom Claimants

Former customers of FTX.com, known as Dotcom claimants, have a unique opportunity under the proposed plan. They may choose to pool their assets and establish an “offshore exchange company” or a “rebooted” platform that won’t be accessible in the U.S. Instead of receiving cash, these claimants could potentially receive equity securities, tokens, or other interests in the new exchange, providing them with a stake in its operations.

Exclusion of FTT Token Holders

Unfortunately, FTT token holders will not be part of the revival process. The plan explicitly states that holders of FTT claims will not receive any distributions. On the effective date, all FTT claims will be canceled and rendered null and void. This exclusion is a result of the SEC’s previous classification of the FTT token as a security in a complaint filed against FTX co-founder Gary Wang and former Alameda Research CEO Caroline Ellison.


FTX’s proposed reorganization plan has sparked hope for a potential relaunch of its crypto exchange, tailored exclusively for offshore customers. While the plan offers a chance for dotcom claimants to be part of the new venture. FTT token holders face disappointment, as they will not be compensated. As the restructuring unfolds, the crypto community will closely watch the developments and the potential resurgence of the FTX exchange in its new avatar.

By Ryan

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