Michael Saylor Predicts 10X Growth in BTC Demand in 12 Months

Michael Saylor, co-founder of MicroStrategy and a prominent Bitcoin advocate, foresees a substantial surge in Bitcoin’s demand over the next year. His optimistic outlook centers around the upcoming Bitcoin halving, which he believes could drive demand up to tenfold.

Bitcoin’s Bright Future

Speaking at the 2023 Australia Crypto Convention, Saylor shared his thoughts on Bitcoin’s trajectory for the coming years. He highlighted the evolution of Bitcoin from an “offshore unregulated asset” to an “institutionalized mainstream app” between 2020 and 2024.

The Next 12 Months

Saylor’s focus shifted to the immediate future, projecting that Bitcoin will transition into an “adolescent mainstream asset” by the end of 2024. He cited key factors related to supply and demands. That are set to play a pivotal role in this transformation.

Supply and Demand Dynamics

Saylor pointed out the critical role of supply and demand dynamics in the upcoming year. He anticipates that monthly demand for Bitcoin could double, triple, or even increase tenfold. Available supply for sale will be halved in April. This shift in balance, from $15 billion of organic demand and $12 billion of organic supply to an altered ratio, will likely lead to price adjustments.

Bitcoin’s “Coming Out Party”

Saylor metaphorically described the next 12 months as Bitcoin’s “coming out party” as it progresses from “college” to the real world, signifying its mainstream acceptance.

2024 to 2028: High-Growth Phase

Looking ahead to 2024 to 2028, Saylor predicts continued high growth for Bitcoin. He foresees widespread adoption in the big tech industry and mega banks. The both sectors integrating Bitcoin into their products and services. Competition among companies apple and Meta (Facebook). Acquire Bitcoin for substantial profits is also expected.

The Future Beyond

In the long term, Saylor envisions a remarkable future for Bitcoin. He believes Bitcoin will outperform other high-quality assets, growing twice as fast as the S&P 500 Index or any diversified portfolio. These bold predictions suggest Bitcoin’s value could reach astounding levels, potentially reaching a million dollars or more per coin.

MicroStrategy’s Bitcoin Holdings

As of November 2, MicroStrategy held approximately 158,400 BTC, representing a substantial investment that was up around $900 million.


Michael Saylor’s positive outlook on Bitcoin’s future, with the potential for a tenfold increase in demand within the next year, underscores the ongoing evolution and acceptance of cryptocurrencies. As Bitcoin continues to make strides toward mainstream adoption, its journey from an alternative asset to a globally recognized store of value appears increasingly promising.

By Ryan

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