New $SMOG Solana Token Booms: Largest Airdrop Ever?

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Introducing SMOG Token: A Novel Approach to Airdrops on SOL

In the bustling Solana ecosystem, a new token named SMOG has emerged with a unique proposition centered around airdrops.

Fair Launch Mechanics on SOL

SMOG Token was introduced through a Jupiter liquidity pool, commencing at 16:00 UTC on February 7th. The allure of SMOG sparked significant interest, swiftly propelling its market cap to over $1 million within the first hour.

Redefining Airdrop Utility

Unlike typical meme coins, SMOG brings forth a distinctive airdrop utility aimed at fostering social engagement within the community. Described as the most rewarding token on Solana, SMOG offers token holders the opportunity to earn airdrop points, qualifying them for upcoming crypto airdrop events.

Zealy Campaign for Community Engagement

In conjunction with its airdrop utility, SMOG is rolling out a Zealy campaign to further incentivize community participation. Users can engage in daily, weekly, and monthly quests, completing tasks such as following SMOG on Twitter and joining its Discord server to earn airdrop points. A leaderboard will showcase community members with the highest accumulation of points, adding a competitive edge to the campaign.

SMOG Token: A Meteoric Rise in Solana’s Landscape

Surging Performance

The fair launch of SMOG catapulted it into the spotlight, instantly becoming one of the top-trending tokens on Solana-based platforms. Within hours, it secured its position on DexTools’ daily gainer’s list, experiencing a staggering surge of over 1,400% in its first hour.

Strategic Positioning

SMOG’s fair launch on Jupiter sets it apart from other meme coin contenders, devoid of any presale or seed funding. This strategic move, coupled with the burgeoning trading volume on Jupiter DEX, positions SMOG for exponential growth.

Tokenomics Driving Growth and Engagement

Structured for Success

SMOG’s tokenomics revolve around three key pillars: fair launch, airdrop initiatives, and liquidity provisions. With 50% allocated for marketing, 35% for airdrops, and strategic liquidity distribution, SMOG aims to fuel engagement and community growth.

Locked Liquidity for Security

To instill confidence, SMOG’s liquidity has been officially locked through Team. Finance, underscoring the team’s commitment to the project’s longevity and stability.

Seizing Early Opportunities

Despite its rapid ascent, early entry opportunities into SMOG remain accessible. With a burgeoning social media presence and ample room for growth, SMOG presents an enticing prospect for traders seeking substantial returns.


As SMOG Token establishes its presence within the Solana ecosystem, its innovative approach to airdrops and strategic tokenomics position it as a formidable contender in the ever-evolving landscape of meme coins.

By Jastra Kranjec

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