New Upcoming Binance Coin Listings in 2024: A Comprehensive Guide

Binance is one of the world’s leading crypto exchanges and boasts over 600 coins across more than 1,000 markets. With such a large amount of projects though, comes a stringent selection process for new listings, emphasizing quality over quantity. Therefore, this guide explores upcoming Binance Coin listings that investors should consider for their portfolios.

The Best New Coins on Binance Launching Soon

Here’s a rundown of the top upcoming Binance listings:

  1. Scotty the AI ($SCOTTY) – AI-powered blockchain with advanced security features.
  2. Sponge V2 ($SPONGEV2) – Upgraded version of a popular meme coin with stake-to-bridge and P2E gaming features.
  3. Green Bitcoin ($GBTC) – Crypto rewarding users through Bitcoin price predictions.
  4. Smog ($SMOG) – New Solana-based meme coin showing significant growth potential.
  5. eTukTuk ($TUK) – Eco-friendly crypto building EV charging stations.
  6. 5th Scape ($5SCAPE) – New AR and VR crypto ecosystem.
  7. PEEN ($PEEN) – Humorous meme coin targeting Binance listing in 2024.
  8. Scorpion Casino ($SCORP) – A leading social betting platform with high daily passive income.
  9. Poodl Inu ($POODL) – Meme coin with a staggering 9,000% staking APY.
  10. Solama ($SOLAMA) – Solana-based meme coin has shown impressive growth since it was launched.

A Closer Look at the Top Upcoming Binance Coin Listings

New Binance listings often present opportunities to invest in undervalued cryptocurrencies as they attract significant interest upon listing. Hence, let’s delve into the details of these projects.

Binance’s selective approach means only a few projects are added each month, reflecting the exchange’s commitment to quality. Thus, below are insights into the aforementioned new and upcoming Binance listings:

Scotty the AI

Firstly, offering advanced security features powered by AI, Scotty the AI ($SCOTTY) presents an attractive investment opportunity. The project’s roadmap includes innovative features like ‘Scotty Swap’ and an AI-powered chatbot, enhancing security and user experience.

Sponge V2

Although, upgraded from its predecessor, Sponge V2 ($SPONGEV2) introduces stake-to-bridge.

Green Bitcoin

With its gamified approach to Bitcoin price prediction, Green Bitcoin ($GBTC) offers a unique opportunity for passive income. Thus, the project’s environmentally conscious stance and limited token supply add to its appeal.

smog token

Riding on the Solana blockchain, Smog ($SMOG) has shown remarkable growth potential and aims to secure a listing on Binance with its innovative approach and strong community support.

etuktuk token


Targeting eco-friendly solutions, eTukTuk ($TUK) aims to build EV charging stations for TukTuk drivers, addressing environmental and economic challenges.

5th scape
5th Scape

Providing immersive virtual reality experiences, 5th Scape ($5SCAPE) offers unique gaming opportunities, potentially leading to a listing on major exchanges like Binance.

peen token

With its unconventional approach and humor-centric theme, PEEN ($PEEN) aims to capture the attention of investors and secure a listing on Binance.

scorpion casino
Scorpion Casino

Revolutionizing online gambling, Scorpion Casino ($SCORP) offers high daily passive income opportunities and a wide range of gaming options.

Poodl Inu

Poodl Inu

Capitalizing on the popularity of meme coins, Poodl Inu ($POODL) offers attractive staking rewards and aims for a listing on major exchanges like Binance.


Leveraging the Solana blockchain, Solama ($SOLAMA) has shown impressive growth.


As a matter of fact, Binance continues to maintain its high standards for new listings. In addition, investors should closely monitor these upcoming projects for potential investment opportunities. Whether it’s innovative blockchain solutions, meme coins, and gaming ecosystems the diversity of projects reflects the dynamic nature of the cryptocurrency market.

By Jastra Kranjec

Jastra is an author at CryptoPresales. Over the years, she has worked in different fields of journalism and public relations, including politics, economy, crypto, and financial markets.