Dogecoin Jumps by 40%, Solana Down 56%

The world`s top 10 cryptocurrencies have seen their prices tumble in the last two months, following a negative trend from a historically low September. Most of the top digital coins have lost between 7% and 10% in value in the last thirty days, while only two cryptos have seen their prices jump in this period.

According to data presented by Crypto Presales, Dogecoin ranked as the crypto winner in November as its price surged by 40% this month. Solana was on the other side of the list, with a huge 56% price drop in the last 30 days. Here is the list of the other crypto winners and losers this month.

Dogecoin and Polygon the Only Two Cryptos with a Price Increase

After grabbing the investors` attention as one of the fastest-growing cryptos last year, Dogecoin has seen its price tumble in 2022. The CoinMarketCapa data showed the meme coin lost 65% of its value in ten months, with its market cap falling to $7.9bn in the third week of October, down from $22.8bn in January.

However, in the first days of November, the price of the popular meme coin surged by 145% to $0.14. Although it dropped to $0.05 since then, this still represents a massive 40% jump in a month. Last week, the market cap of the world`s ninth-largest crypto stood at $11.1bn, or $3.2bn more than in October. After months of low trading activity, Dogecoin also jumped back among the top 10 most traded cryptos last month and placed in a high fourth position with $372.9bn in 30-day trading volume.

Polygon was the only cryptocurrency besides Dogecoin that saw its price grow in November, still by a modest 2%, driving its market cap to $7.5bn, up from $7.3bn in October.

Solana Sees the Biggest Price Drop in November

Besides Dogecoin and Polygon, all other cryptos on the top 10 list have seen their values tumble in November. Still, Solana has taken the hardest hit.

The world`s fifteenth-largest cryptocurrency has had a rough year. After ending 2021 as one of the most promising cryptos, Solana turned into the biggest price loser in 2022. The CoinMarketCap data show Solana`s price slumped by 92% year-to-date, wiping off more than $48bn of its market cap. Although the value of SOL tokens has been falling throughout this year, November has seen the biggest price drop in 2022, much worse than the one seen in May. Last week, Solana`s price stood at $12.87, showing a massive 56% plunge in a month.

Statistics show Bitcoin has seen the second-largest drop in November, with its price falling by 13.2% in the last thirty days. Last week, the BTC price fell to $16,600, down from $19,125 in October. With a 10% price drop in this period, Shiba Inu ranked as the third-largest crypto loser in November.

By Jeff Reed

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