RFK Jr. Vows To Exclude BTC from Capital Gains Tax

RFK Jr. Champions Innovation with Bitcoin Tax Exemption

Speaking at a Heal-the-Divide PAC event, RFK Jr. highlighted the advantages of this move. Including safeguarding privacy and encouraging innovation within the country’s crypto industry. By eliminating the need to report non-taxable events, the exemption will also promote increased investments. Also, urging crypto ventures to flourish in the US over other nations. RFK Jr. has pledged to exempt Bitcoin BTC to USD conversions from capital gains tax.

Backing the US Economy with Hard Currency, Including BTC

RFK Jr. proposes to stabilize the US economy by backing the US dollar with “hard currency,” which includes not only traditional precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum but also Bitcoin. This gradual process will see a portion of issued T-bills backed by hard currency, starting small at around 1%. The backing percentage will be adjusted based on the success of the plan.

Embracing Crypto Freedom and Criticizing Proposed Taxation

During his speech at the Heal-the-Divide PAC event, RFK Jr. reiterated his defense of US citizens’ rights to self-custody BTC and operate blockchain nodes from their homes. This stance aligns with his previous remarks made at Miami’s Bitcoin 2023 conference, where he stood against President Joe Biden’s proposed 30% tax on crypto mining. RFK Jr. champions individual freedom and innovation within the crypto space, aiming to make the US a competitive hub for crypto businesses.

A Vision for a Prosperous Crypto-Friendly United States

With a focus on fostering innovation, encouraging investment, and safeguarding privacy. RFK Jr.’s promises signal a vision for a thriving and crypto-friendly United States. By embracing technological advancements like blockchain and Bitcoin, he aims to boost the country’s economic growth and competitiveness in the global market.


Presidential candidate RFK Jr.’s commitment to exempt Bitcoin conversions from capital gains tax reflects a forward-thinking approach to innovation and investment in the US. By proposing a gradual plan to back the US dollar with “hard currency,” including Bitcoin. He envisions a stable and prosperous economy. Further, RFK Jr.’s unwavering support for individual crypto freedoms showcases his determination to make the United States a frontrunner in the crypto space. Also, enticing businesses to flourish within its borders.

By Ryan

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