The #10 Best Presale Drops Of 2024

A Closer Look At The Best New Presale Crypto Projects To Update Your Presale Calendar

It’s looking like a very complete presale calendar too! Forget Bitcoin, it’s time to open your web browser and start looking into some presale drops.

The upcoming presale list is a complete list of some of our favorite ICO drops and crypto projects for 2024. We’ll be diving into each one in detail, touching on the use cases and roadmaps of each of the presale drops for your review.

When we talk about the best presale drops and presale news.

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SMOG is the new meme token in the yard featuring unique hold to earn and stake to earn mechanisms. They’ve also got a huge airdrop on the horizon. “Behold, the $SMOG tokens are not mere trinkets. They are keys to the kingdom, the essence of Smog’s power. Holders of these tokens are granted audience in the dragon’s court, a voice in the hallowed halls, and access to gatherings of legend. These tokens are your passage into the heart of the dragon’s domain.”


Sponge V2

Sponge V2 offers an innovative staking platform, transitioning from V1 to V2 tokens with a tax-free strategy and a significant marketing budget. This opportunity enables investors to earn V2 tokens effortlessly while enjoying a unique Play-to-Earn game, positioning Sponge V2 as a promising investment in the dynamic crypto market.



Cosmo the Doge, born from the remnants of a supernova, possesses a unique ability to traverse between stars in the crypto universe, making him a symbol of unity and creativity among Ethereum and Solana users. He has now shared this ability with $DOGEVERSE holders, enabling them to explore various crypto chains.

$DOGEVERSE, the first Doge Meme token on a multichain network, spans Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Solana, Avalanche, and Base, creating a connected community of doge enthusiasts. By staking $DOGEVERSE tokens on Ethereum, users can earn passive rewards and boost their holdings.

Launching on six different blockchains, Cosmo aims to unite the crypto meme community and become a prominent figure across decentralized and centralized exchanges. His goal is to shine brightly in every space frequented by meme enthusiasts, adding a multichain dimension to the concept of trending on DEXTools.



Slothana, a meme coin on the Solana blockchain, draws inspiration from sloths, with a presale exceeding $10 million. With 8 days until launch, investors have a crucial window to acquire SLOTH tokens, anticipating a 10x price increase like other sloth-themed coins.

Key factors driving Slothana’s appeal include its foundation on the Solana blockchain, a leading ecosystem for meme coins, and the success of projects like SLERF, which reached a $170 million market cap.

Slothana distinguishes itself through community engagement and marketing, aiming to build a global community of sloth enthusiasts. Acquiring SLOTH tokens requires a Solana-compatible wallet supporting SOL and SPL tokens, like Phantom or Solflare, and transferring SOL to the wallet before exchanging it for SLOTH tokens.

Early investors can join Slothana’s journey from inception to potential success, embracing the laid-back sloth life while potentially benefiting from SLOTH token growth. Explore Slothana’s presale at


99 Bitcoins – Pioneering Learn-To-Earn

99Bitcoins Token pioneers Learn-to-Earn on the Bitcoin blockchain, rewarding users for cryptocurrency learning. Since 2013, 99Bitcoins has been a leading online resource for crypto education. The platform offers interactive modules, quizzes, and tutorials, catering to all learning styles.

Integrated with BRC-20 technology, 99Bitcoins Token enables users to earn rewards while learning about crypto. These rewards include exclusive content, partner discounts, and access to token holder events. Additionally, users can explore BRC-20s and leverage the 99BTC token on the Bitcoin network for new utility as Bitcoin adoption grows.

Joining 99Bitcoins connects users with a vibrant community of cryptocurrency enthusiasts. They can engage in discussions, share insights, and stay updated with the latest trends and developments. As the demand for Bitcoin and the 99Bitcoins token increases, the platform remains at the forefront of Learn-to-Earn initiatives.


Green bitcoin
Green Bitcoin

Green Bitcoin is a revolutionary crypto venture unveiling an exciting new paradigm: Gamified Green Staking! Their pioneering staking platform empowers you to seize substantial rewards by forecasting Bitcoin trends, with further innovative gamification enhancements on the horizon. This presents both seasoned cryptocurrency enthusiasts and newcomers with an unparalleled opportunity to translate their market acumen or instincts into remarkable Green Bitcoin profits.



Challenge Wall Street with the $WSM army. Born from the GameStop fiasco back in 2021, Wall Street Memes is the internet’s biggest triumph over capitalism.

They’ve already raised almost 10 million dollars in their presale, with an awesome marketing campaign strategy that’s building raving supporters. Phase 2 of their plan will now bring token and exchange listings, partnerships, and awareness campaigns. Then, in Phase 3, holders unlock exclusive benefits in the pursuit of the dream $1 billion market cap.

Join the Wall Street Memes revolution and be a part of the movement that empowers the little guy.


Bitcoin Minetrix

The presale for Bitcoin Minetrix is ending soon, offering discounted tokens for the next five days. The presale has already raised an impressive $13 million and shows no signs of slowing down.

Bitcoin Minetrix introduces a novel stake-to-mine concept, simplifying Bitcoin mining. By staking BTCMTX tokens, users earn non-tradeable ERC-20 tokens that can be burned for Bitcoin cloud mining power, providing an accessible entry into Bitcoin mining without technical expertise or high costs.

With the recent Bitcoin Halving event, the reduced issuance rate creates scarcity and increases demand, potentially driving up Bitcoin’s price. This could benefit Bitcoin Minetrix, offering an eco-friendly exposure to Bitcoin mining with rewards for early investors through staking. The project enters its final stage, ending on April 28th, with the token set to list on DEXs on April 30th.



eTukTuk is a sustainable transport initiative aiming to replace traditional tuk-tuks with electric vehicles (EVs) to reduce CO2 emissions and promote economic progress. By leveraging green energy and blockchain technology, eTukTuk addresses environmental and social challenges, particularly in less developed countries.

The platform focuses on creating robust EV charging infrastructures in urban and suburban areas of developing nations, offering affordable and user-friendly EVs. Operating on Binance’s BNB Chain, eTukTuk operates on a sharing economy model, emphasizing transparency, integrity, sustainability, innovation, and economic change.

eTukTuk also aims to digitize identities and provide banking services to the unbanked, using decentralized identities. The platform’s “Power Staking” model allows stakeholders to stake $TUK tokens to earn passive income and support ecosystem growth. With apps like the Driver and Passenger App, eTukTuk aims to simplify payments using TUK tokens, reshaping global transportation and promoting green energy and financial inclusivity.


TG Casino stands as your premier spot for online, discreet crypto gambling. It holds full licensing and assures 100% safety. Engaging in the presale not only grants you exclusive rewards during casino play but also offers the opportunity to secure $TGC tokens at the most favorable rates. Seize the chance to elevate your status and accrue passive rewards by acquiring presale tokens and promptly staking them.


5th Scape

5thScape (5SCAPE) is the world’s first AR & VR ecosystem, uniting innovative minds in a limitless virtual realm. Explore immersive experiences that redefine entertainment and education, unlocking the future with 5SCAPE.

Delve into hyper-realistic gaming worlds with adrenaline-pumping battles, precision archery, high-speed racing, and immersive sports. The VR Ultra headset offers high-res visuals, ergonomic comfort, and precise motion tracking, transforming your virtual reality experience into an extraordinary journey of gaming, exploration, and learning.

Enhance your immersion with the SwiftScape VR Chair, seamlessly integrating comfort and control into VR experiences. As a 5SCAPE token holder, enjoy lifetime free access to a curated selection of VR content, exclusive in-game advantages, early access to cutting-edge content, and community interaction. Seize the opportunity for substantial appreciation in the rapidly evolving world of virtual reality entertainment.

This Does Not Constitute Financial Or Investment Advice!

We know, all the ICO news & data on this one page may have been overwhelming. And your ICO calendar is probably full by now. With a complete list like this, so many projects can be daunting if you’re not an AI bot. Don’t focus on the problem though, focus on the potential profit!

We have armed you with the information and tools necessary to level up your crypto wallet. These ICO drops could be big for your bank if you did your research and made the right bets. After all, certain token sales have the chance of going hyperbolic.

Take this information and use it wisely!

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