Tom Nash, Crypto Youtuber, Faces Huge Crypto Lawsuit

Florida-based law firm The Moskowitz Law Firm has served a crypto YouTuber named Tom Nash with a lawsuit via Twitter. This comes after a US court allowed the law firm to serve legal notice to Nash, who is believed to reside in Georgia, via a tweet as other means of serving him were reportedly unsuccessful. Nash is the last of ten defendants named in a class-action lawsuit against influencers alleged to have promoted the now-bankrupt cryptocurrency exchange FTX without disclosing their compensation. The lawsuit claims that the influencers’ promotion of FTX violated US securities law.

The Moskowitz Law Firm Serves Crypto YouTuber Tom Nash with Lawsuit via Twitter

The Moskowitz Law Firm tweeted the legal notice to Nash, including his Twitter handle in the post, thereby giving him legal notice of the lawsuit. The tweet also set out instructions on how Nash would be served using Twitter. Moskowitz was required to share the URL of the legal notice via its official Twitter account, tagging Nash’s Twitter account. It was also required to send the URL in an email to Nash’s publicly known email address.

The other nine defendants named in the lawsuit comprise seven YouTubers, including BitBoy Crypto, Graham Stephan, and Brian Jung. The talent management company that handled the promotion of FTX, Creators Agency, and its founder Erika Kullberg are also named.

According to the filing, Nash’s frequent internet use suggests that it is a reliable way of contacting him. The filing notes that Nash has an established internet-based business. It uses electronic means such as Twitter as reliable forms of contact and has publicly acknowledged a personal email address. The law firm previously sent Nash an email to an address he had publicly posted. The email did not bounce back, indicating that Nash received the suit and that his email address is valid and operational.

In related news, BitBoy Crypto missed a court appearance on April 20 to address his alleged “harassment towards plaintiffs’ counsel.” Instead of attending the court hearing, Armstrong posted pictures of himself on a beach in the Bahamas on Twitter and openly mocked the order.

Growing Popularity of Serving Legal Notices via Social Media

The lawsuit seeks damages against the influencers for the harm caused by their promotion of FTX. Which allegedly violated US securities law. This case highlights the importance of disclosing any financial interests. Also, compensation is related to the promotion of products or services, particularly in the crypto industry. Which is largely unregulated. The use of social media and other electronic means of communication for serving legal notices. It is also gaining popularity as a reliable way of contacting defendants, particularly. When traditional methods of serving legal notices are unsuccessful.

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